Top 10 Exercises While Working

Top 10 Exercises While Working

10 Exercises While Working

Easing stress while you work is essential to keep your mind fresh and body active. If you work in your office incessantly from morning till evening then you can exploit the lunch hours and do the following exercises to get back the vigor of your body and avoid any unnecessary health problems:

Rest Your Eyes
Stop working on your files and look outside the window. Move your eye balls clockwise and anti clockwise. Blink several times and repeat the movement two times more. 

Rejuvenate Your Neck 
Move your head from right to left in straight line without moving your back. Then, move it up and down and finally in circles. Keeping the movement steady and slow you can ease up your neck muscles completely.

Ease up Your Shoulders
Move your shoulders up and down one by one slowly and try to touch your ear. Take a 30 seconds pause and revise the movements.

Relax Your Hands
Move your wrists and fingers freely in all directions possible. Softly rub your fingers from tip to back to ease the stress of typing or writing. 

Relax Your Back 
Stand straight with your legs apart to your shoulder's width. Arch your arms and put your hands on the side of your waist. Now move your upper body right while keeping your feet in the same place. Return in the same position and repeat the same to your left side. Do each side ten times alternatively and then relax for a while.

Shape up Your Tummy
Stand straight and try to touch your toes without bending your knees. Do it 5 times and do not strain your body. 

Get back the Dynamism of Your Legs
Stand in the same position you did in the previous exercise. Bent your right knee and raise it upwards as much as you can without putting extra strain on your body. Bring it down to the initial position and repeat the same with your left leg. Lift each leg 5 times then relax. 

Bring Flexibility to your Feet
Sit in a relaxed position on your chair and straighten your legs. Move your feet from the ankles in clockwise and anti clockwise circles without bending your knees. Move them in each direction for 5 times then return to your normal position.

Shed off Leftover Tiredness
Sit in a fully relaxed position and straighten your back. Breathe in until your lungs are full. Hold for a while and then let out all the breath. Repeat 4-5 times. 

Refresh Your Brain
Mental invigoration is not difficult but you have to be innovative about it. Do not use the same method every day. You can try different strategies like counting backward, playing a short mobile or computer game, recalling a joke or an old song, asking tricky questions from a colleague or friend etc. 

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