Find Level Of Stress

Find Level Of StressFind Level Of Stress

Level   1.   Immediate stress:
          A.    Increased heart rate and blood pressure.
  B.    Rapid breathing.
  C.   Perspiring and sweaty palms.
  D.   Indigestion and nervous stomach.

Level  2.   Continued stress:

     A.   Feelings of being pressured or driven.
  B.   Exhaustion and fatigue.
  C.   Anxiety
  D.   Memory loss
  E.   Increase in smoking or alcohol and caffeine consumption.
Level 3.   Ongoing stress

  A.   Insomnia
  B.    Errors in judgment
  C.    Personality changes
  D.    Autoimmune disorders
  E.    Heart disease
  F.    Mental illness

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