Guidance For Periods
Exercises to Stay Fit and Healthy during MenstruationExercises to Stay Fit and Healthy during Menstruation
 Though the idea of going for Pilates or running on the treadmill seems tough during your monthly cycle but these exercises actually keep you in better health and comfort during your periods. Many women complain of cramps and fatigue during these few days of the month. Even their mood be...
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How to Manage Menopausal SymptomsHow to Manage Menopausal Symptoms
Managing symptoms of menopause can be a hectic job. You need to work efficiently on gaining more and more information about the changes your body is going to experience and the effective ways to control what irritates you. The symptoms though vary from one woman to another, cause simil...
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Menopause and Changes in Your BodyMenopause and Changes in Your Body
Changes are to take place in your body if you are going to start your menopause. Some women face troubles alongside the changes while others enter the phase quite smoothly. Whether you pass through troubles or get everything done to by nature smoothly, you have to bear some prominent changes ...
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Guidance For PeriodsGuidance For Periods
Guidance For PeriodsTips 1  You can get pregnant if you do sex during periods so use condoms.Tips 2   If your periods are not regular then not need to worried and consult to doctor.Tip  3    If Menstrual periods occurring more than every 21...
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Menstrual Products For GirlsMenstrual Products For Girls
Menstrual Products For Girls       Menstrual products, used to absorb or catch the menses, come in either disposable or reusable forms.Disposable menstrual products:A. Sanitary towels:   these are towels, pads, napkins which are placed in the underwe...
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Important Information About PeriodsImportant Information About Periods
Important Information About Periods Why do women menstruate?  Menstruation is a very complicated process involving many different hormones, the womans sex organs and the brain.A womans  internal sex organs consist of two ovaries, the Fallopian tu...
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What Is Periods?What Is Periods?
What Is Periods?:  A period, or menstruation, is the shedding of the endo metrium.  the uterine lining. Menstruation is also known as menses. All female humans, as well as some other female mammals, have regular periods during their reprodu...
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