Your Outlook, Your Life

Your Outlook, Your Life

What makes someone smile to you in the very first glance? What attracts the people in a party or out in the park to you? It is your outlook and your style of dressing which turns the eyes to you. You can make the difference in the way people think about you. At the same time you can alter your life and towards the destiny it is heading to. Look in the mirror this morning and consider three things:

A. Your hair style and facial features.
B. Your dress and its color combination.
C. Your foot wear and your bag. 

Picking the Best Hair Style
The best hair style is not which is trending high or the one that is offered in high price at hair salons. You may end up choosing a style of hair from the catalogue thinking it to be the in fashion but it simply does after spending a considerable time and money you discover that it is looking less than you ordinary hair style. This situation can be disappointing. You need to know three things before you choose a hair style:

A. Your face shape.
B. The type of your hair.
C.  The size of your body.
Picking a hair style which goes perfectly with your round or oval face and suits your special hair type can look gorgeous when you keep your height and body shape also in consideration. For example bangs do not go with wavy or curly hair. Instead of choosing bangs look for any other hair style which needs little effort with curly hair and looks awesome with your physical features.  

Dressing Elegantly
Dressing elegantly means that you wear what suits your personality not what you find pleasing to your eyes.  Many beautifully displayed dresses in the shops steal your heart but not every one of them is meant for you.  The design, color and type of fabric used to make a dress determine if it is the dress you are looking for or no. Summer colors are different than winter combinations. If you are looking for some party dress keep in mind that on such occasions people admire the season matching color combinations. Sometimes in rare cases contrast colors also look great. You need to look with a critical eye at yourself in the mirror before deciding to purchase the outfit.  Taking the advice of friend who has a good taste of dress can also help you make your pick. 

Choosing Your Footwear
Can you manage a sexy walk with heels? Do your legs look bent and shaking while walking with high heels? You need to practice walking in heels at home well before going out in a party. Heels can be tricky; you can either look striking and gorgeous in them or simply make people pity you in those heels. Your bag also needs a lot of consideration before you finalize your pick. So, choose with style and care! 

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