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Skin Care TipsSkin Care Tips
Skin Care Tips1.      Drink 2 glass of water at early morning to get a health and shine skin. it also help you to remove pimples of your face.2.     After using a a hair conditioning mask, follow with a cold water rinse to close the hair cuticles.3.     When choosi...
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Healthy body image TipsHealthy body image Tips
Healthy body image Tips 1.    Your family doctor can help your daughter set realistic goals for body mass index and weight based on her personal weight history and overall health. The doctor can also help identify early signs of an eating disorder during routine checkups....
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Health Care TipsHealth Care Tips
Health Care Tips 1.     Eat right  eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a knave and dinner like a pauper. 2.    Health check-ups are not just for old people. Everyone should get one complete body check-up done annually, to kno...
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