Benefits Of Evening WalkBenefits Of Evening Walk
Benefits Of Evening Walk 1.    Walking in the evening can relax you after a long day. During this time you are working different muscles of the body other than your mind which helps your body relax. Even though its exercise and you may feel tired afte...
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Why Morning Walk Important?Why Morning Walk Important?
Why Morning Walk Important? 1.    The morning walks gives you a better sleep at the night. Because, walking tires the body out and therefore the sleep comes easily when you are lying on the bed at night. In fact, the morning walk helps to regulate your sleep...
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Advantage Of WalkAdvantage Of Walk
Advantage Of Walk 1.    It strengthens your heart. 2.    It lowers disease risk. 3.    It keeps weight in check. 4.    It can help prevent dementia. 5.    It tones your le...
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