Why Morning Walk Important?

Why Morning Walk Important?Why Morning Walk Important?

 1.    The morning walks gives you a better sleep at the night. Because, walking tires the body out and therefore the sleep comes easily when you are lying on the bed at night. In fact, the morning walk helps to regulate your sleep cycle as you woke up at the same time every day.

2.    By having breakfast pre exercise you are restoring your glucose levels and may have then lost your fat-burning advantage.

3.    If you then exercise prior to eating in the morning it's thought you burn more fat, as it is in higher concentration.

4.    A study proved that the regular walking especially at the morning time helps to improves the BMI (Body Mass Index) rate for 1% and maintains the blood pressure levels in the diabetic patients. The muscle movement allows them to utilize more glucose by the muscle cells. Burning of glucose cells results in utilization of insulin. This in turn improves the blood sugar levels.

5.    If you walk daily at the morning then definitely you will stay alert throughout the day. Because the morning walk energizes your mind along with the body. As I already told, the morning walk improves the blood circulation; due to that you will get more oxygen to your brain. This allows you to get better powers of recollection and improves mental faculties.

6.    A study conducted by the National Cancer Institute proved that the regular 1 hour walking at the morning will reduce the risk of breast cancer. Another study confirmed that, the walking improves the breast cancer survival rates.

7.   As everyone know that the walking helps to reduce the weight; especially the morning walk helps to improve the metabolism of the body. At morning the glucose level of the body is low helps to reduce the fat.

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