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Your Skin through the Ages and How to Maintain itYour Skin through the Ages and How to Maintain it
Glowing skin with smooth sense is what every woman wishes for. It is quite natural to long for that and you can manage to have such radiant skin if you care for your diet and products that you apply on the skin. From your teens till your retirement and the time in between can witness ideal sk...
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Quick Skin Care Only 15 Minutes Per DayQuick Skin Care Only 15 Minutes Per Day
Quick Skin Care- Only 15 Minutes Per DayGlowing skin with no wrinkles is the most attractive feature you can have. It is not necessary that everyone should be blessed with skin having above qualities by birth. You can practice some quick methods to bring amazing improvement in your skin....
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Get Sexy LipsGet Sexy Lips
Method 1Step 1.     Apply Vaseline all over lips, dab toothbrush in warm water and scrub your lips paying special attention to dry areas.Step 2.    Remove all traces of vaseline by dipping your washcloth in warm water and removing all the vaseline from lips. Mak...
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Shiny Skin TipsShiny Skin Tips
Shiny Skin Tips 1.    Dry your body completely, and use moisturizing lotion: It hydrates your skin. Make sure to use in all over. Moisturize every time you take a shower to make your skin glow. 2.    Use a glycolic acid peel once a we...
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Awareness About LipsAwareness About Lips
Awareness  About  Lips1.    When you slather on shimmery, shiny lip gloss and balms, you attract more of the sun's light to your lips, increasing the risk of sun damage. No need to go nude, though, as lots of sunscreen lip balms come in cool tones and colours....
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