Shiny Skin Tips

Shiny Skin TipsShiny Skin Tips

 1.    Dry your body completely, and use moisturizing lotion: It hydrates your skin. Make sure to use in all over. Moisturize every time you take a shower to make your skin glow.

 2.    Use a glycolic acid peel once a week. Its one of the most effective exfoliators because it penetrates deeply. a dermatologist  who recommends using the peel once a week.

 3.     Use a sulfate-free shampoo to avoid drying your locks.

 4.    Pour some toner onto some cotton batting. Rub the toner over your face until no excess dirt remains.

 5.    Get rid of acne: Rid your face of blemishes and the redness from acne to get beautiful skin. Use an acne cleanser twice a day, morning and night to improve your skin.

 6.    You could also use body oil. Be sure not to put too much on or you'll look greasy; just a few dabs here and there will be good.

 7.    For women who shave their legs, make sure to put extra lotion on your legs because shaving sometimes irritates the skin.

 8.   Use a slightly darker foundation for a glow to your face.

 9.   Work out at least three times a week, even if only for half an hour. It improves skin glow.

 10.  For an easy DIY body shimmer, sprinkle some loose gold glitter eyeshadow into a squirt of your favorite body lotion.

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