Never Do In Bed

Never Do In Bed

Never Do In Bed....!

 1.    If he comes too soon, you need to be patient. Do not laugh or get frustrated.

 2.    Do not feel insecure about your body.

 3.    The one thing a woman should never to in bed is get in bed too soon. Once a guy gets sex out of you you are no longer fun and they move on.

 4.    Scream another man  name.

 5.    Go to sleep while your partner has a hard on, on a regular basis.

 6.    Never fart in bed before or after sex. Seriously.

 7.  Complain about your life, give it up too easily, be too much of a prude.

 8.   Men will forgive just about anything except being made to feel inadequate. Always make him feel like he is doing a good job.

 9.   The only thing is making fun of his size. And Do not compare him while you are going at it.
 10.   The one thing you should never do in bed is nothing! Try whatever you want! Everyone has something that turns them off and other things that turn them off, you will not know until you try it!

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