Exercises to Stay Fit and Healthy during Menstruation

Exercises to Stay Fit and Healthy during Menstruation

 Though the idea of going for Pilates or running on the treadmill seems tough during your monthly cycle but these exercises actually keep you in better health and comfort during your periods. Many women complain of cramps and fatigue during these few days of the month. Even their mood becomes irritated and in some cases depression grabs them. Another trouble that annoys them is headache or disinterest in daily life. Doing exercise can decrease the chances of irritation, depression, cramps and headache. In some woman these symptoms completely disappear and they stay as fit as a fiddle during their periods. 

You may find doing exercise during your period a bit difficult but if you are  regular in these throughout the month, you can find them quite effortless during your menstrual cycle. The improved blood circulation helps your body to cope with the changes that occur during this time and assists you to spend this time comfortably. 

What Exercise Should You Do
You can do multiple types of exercises. Making a combination is better for your physical fitness. The better flexibility you maintain, the lesser pain and fatigue you feel. Following are some of the most common and harmless exercises for you to do:

Walking and Jogging
Walking and jogging is ideal for keeping your muscles flexible and your body fit. It is a complete body exercise which keeps your bodily functions in optimum health. If you are leading a busy life, do not skip it but manage to jog or walk long distances briskly three days a week. It is the minimum time to keep you fit. 
Playing Sports
Many women find exercises monotonous and boring. After starting the exercises they lose motivation and subsequently quit the exercises.  Playing sports is better for these women. They find great motivation in playing tennis, table tennis, badminton, swimming or any other sports of their choice. Being a regular player also can help you get the same benefits like exercise.

You can join a gym where modern exercise equipments make perfect motivation and encourage you to do exercise on regular basis. You keep following the instructions of your instructor there and do not skip the sessions especially designed to make your exercise beneficial. 

Yoga is awesome for keeping you fit during your menstrual cycle. Yoga helps in keeping your blood pressure normal, heart beat ideal, posture perfect, weight normal, pain and cramps decreases, body balance becomes better and many more positive points you can gain by doing yoga regularly. Even countless psychological and biochemical benefits can be gained through yoga alone. The life expectancy improves in those who keep yoga their regular activity. 

You can choose any type of exercise that suits your life style and personal choice but only one thing is common in all above mentioned physical activities that they must be practiced regularly in order to reap their full fruit. 

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