Fashion and Style during summer and winters

Fashion and Style during summer and winters

The matter of fashion and style is mainly related to your personality and posture. While choosing top fashion attire, you keep in mind that this style and design goes with your age, personality and body figure. The new dress must give you new look in a stylish and elegant manner. To make sure that you choose what suits you best and can look appealing and attractive on you, learn some facts about getting dressed elegantly:

Color and Texture
Some colors are deeply associated with certain weather conditions. Often light colors are the best choice for summer days but you can be innovative ion a rainy summer day by choosing some shocking colored dress from your wardrobe. Going out in rain is fun if you have a stylish umbrella too with you but do not pick a aide and flowing dress as it may get wet and lose its appearance. Same is the case with your footwear. Choose a pair of shoes that can protect your feet from the effects of rain. 

Hot and sunny summer evenings love thin fabric flowery dresses with heels and light make-up. It gives cool impression about you and keeps you looking charming. As far as winter is concerned, you can choose dark colors and high top shoes. The more woolen and soft is the texture of your clothes the most suitable appearance you will have among the others. If it is snowing outside do not put on white coat or full white dress.  In case you get trapped in a snow storm, you are not going to be visible for any rescue team. 

Not every design that hits high in fashion looks great on every woman. You may spoil your appearance completely if you put on a design not going with your age or waist size. If you have a more rounded figure, you choose dresses that are wide from the waist. Block print designs make you look fatter so it is best that you pick some plain fabric different color combination designs. Small prints also suit your figure. 

Summer designs differ from winter style and if they donít then simply they look odd and weird. Some brands go out of the usual fashion and style to make their product look unique and attractive. Do not get taken away by these dresses as most of them look only weird and not graceful.  The fabric of winter clothes is mostly thick and heavy. They do not look great if they are flowing or extra revealing.  So when it comes to choosing something that is just perfect for you in the weather and event that you are going to attend then, give your dress a critical look before you decide to buy it. 

These are basic points to remember in every season and at all times of your age and if you master the art of choosing the most suitable dress for you, you can steal peopleís hearts!

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