Precautions During Pregnancy

Precautions During Pregnancy

Precautions during Pregnancy 

Do not get worried when your pregnancy test comes positive, instead, plan and prepare to have a happy and healthy baby who can be proud of having a mom like you. This time is very crucial in your future life and in the life your baby. Some insignificant negligence can do big harm to you both. First take care of your health and make a disciplined plan for that. Secondly, be careful about your mood, mental condition, feelings, anger and other factors that indirectly affect your baby and your health. 

Do Not Endanger Your Health
First pay a visit to the doctor and get sure about your health condition and the particular things that you need to keep in mind. Rest of your care is in your hands which you easily can arrange by taking simple precautions in your daily life.

A.  Avoid laziness. Do some light exercise everyday like walking, playing some light sports or do simple basic Pilates. This helps you keep active and your blood circulation perfect which is very beneficial for your kid. Avoid carrying heavy bags or other objects as well as hard and straining exercise. 

 B. Do not dehydrate yourself. Drink liquids more than usual. You can have variations of fresh fruit juices, milk, lemonade or simple water. This is essential to fulfill the entire liquid requirements of you and your kid. 

 C. Make a habit of eating fresh seasonal fruits every day. Make a combination of any two and enjoy them after meals or in the breakfast. This can supply you adequate amount of vitamins.

 D. Eat balanced diet and avoid repeating the same food every day. Variation is way better than eating a nutritious food every day.
Make protein containing foods a necessary part of your daily diet. 

 E. You are lucky if you or your husband does not smoke but if you do then try to quit the habit for a greater good in future. Consuming alcohol is also equally harmful. 

 F.  Do not try to eat two or three big meals a day as you have little space inside for a big stomach. 

 G. Do not take pain killers or antibiotics or any other medicine without the advice of your own doctor. Many medicines have substances which are not suitable to be consumed during pregnancy. 

Avoid Mental and Emotional Instability
Stress and sorrow are the worst enemies of your baby. Stay away from the subjects that make you sad or cause you depression. These can slow down your digestion and waste your energy. Same or worse can do the anger. Getting angry about different matters and feeling annoyed raises your blood pressure which is never favorable during pregnancy. 

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