Attractive and Flawless Skin Round the Clock

Attractive and Flawless Skin Round the Clock

The condition of your skin follows the changes your body goes through all over the day. Your physical presence in a particular place affects your skin and chemical changes in your body also bring specific effects on your skin. Only one day has many diverse times that you cannot just suffice with one method or two for keeping your skin flawless and smooth. What you need in the morning may not work in the evening. Every time of the day has its own requirements and you need to understand what your skin needs during those hours. 

In the Morning
The morning starts with a glass of water mixed with a half lemon for the skin health conscious people. This is in fact not a glass of lemon water but a glass of pure health supplement for you. It cleanses your digestion system, boosts your liver function and nourishes your skin with fresh vitamin C. If you do not find a lemon in some seasons, suffice with plain water. This also can help your skin smooth and moist. Eating fruit of the season in the breakfast is also a great start of the day for your skin. 
When you come to get ready for going out for job or college, clean your skin from any fats that has appeared on your skin with a high concentration of vitamin C antioxidant serum. Wipe your skin thoroughly before you apply any cream. Applying sunscreen is must even if the weather is cloudy outside. This is the only way to slow down the aging process of your skin. Use any lovely smelling sunscreen ten minutes after applying the cream. Leave sunscreen for 15 minutes more before applying make-up. 

Take a Vitamin Pill
In the afternoon take a good vitamin pill with a full glass of water. As far as drinking water is concerned, do not let your water bottle depart you anywhere. Water is essential to keep your skin moist and stretchy. You need to top up your make-up by with a tinted sunscreen now because the sunscreen you applied in the morning would have worn out till now. If the weather is moderate or high in temperature, enjoy an ice-cream or a freezing glass of plain water. You need to cool off your body to keep your skin naturally soft. This cooling off is a must so, if you are going to skip your lunch for any reason do not skip your cooling agent. 

In the Evening
Do not wait for night to clean the make-up from your face. As soon as you come back home from outside, clean the make-up from your face completely. Use a double cleanse with an oil-based cleanser with a cloth dipped in hot water. Then apply retinoid on your skin as the night time is best for it to work on your skin when there are no UVA rays. If you take care of these steps, you can keep your skin young looking and glowing throughout the day. 

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