Benefits Of Evening Walk

Benefits Of Evening WalkBenefits Of Evening Walk

 1.    Walking in the evening can relax you after a long day. During this time you are working different muscles of the body other than your mind which helps your body relax. Even though its exercise and you may feel tired after a long day, going for a walk will improve your energy levels and boost your mood.

 2.    Digest your dinner better by going for a walk. Taking a walk half an hour after you have eaten can help your body digest your food. Proper digestion is something that many people do not think about but it can affect the way you feel. Digesting your food properly by taking a walk will help you feel lighter on your feet, reduce or even avoid bloating, and make you feel better overall.

 3.     Taking a walk in the evening can help you sleep better. Many times its difficult to get to sleep because of thoughts running through our minds as we lie awake in bed. This is annoying and can deprive you of much needed sleep. A walk can fix that. You get some extra oxygen in your lungs, think things through as you walk and return home relaxed so that when its time to go to bed you can fall asleep easily and get a good nights sleep.

 4.      Use the time during an evening walk to clear your mind. Walking is a soothing activity that can help you unwind and clear away any negative or stressful thoughts that may have plagued you over the course of the day.

 5.    Taking a walk in the evening after dinner is a great 2-part step to weight loss.  First, it has all the benefits of  a normal walk, taken at any time of day. Second, it helps start digestion of the big dinner you just ate.  

 6.    Increases the immune system.

 7.     Increases ones metabolism.

 8.     Increases good (HTL) cholesterol

  9.    Helps decrease body fat.

 10.   Helps maintain and increase bone density.

 11.  Decreases depression.

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