Beauty Tips for Rainy Season

Beauty Tips for Rainy Season

Rainy season has it special effects on your skin. It can be beneficial in some ways and can cause other skin problems at the same time.  People with dry skin take a sigh of relief in the rainy season. The increased moisture in the air keeps their skin soft and feet smooth but if this moisture is increased, it can cause excessive sweating and skin pores need regular cleaning.  You can keep your skin at ideal level of smoothness and lively if you do some care especially intended for rainy seasons. 

All Inclusive Care
Because of increased humidity in the atmosphere, your skin does not get completely dry which increases the chances of growing fungal infections on different parts of body where you sweat more. Your scalp also requires more care and cleaning during monsoon season. Take a regular bath everyday especially after you finish doing heavy work. Washing off the sweat is essential. Apply on your scalp some lemon juice and wash your hair immediately after that with a good shampoo.  Make sure that you dry your hair fully before tying them in a bun or pony. Do not leave a hair cream or gel in your hair for more than a few hours. Wash it clean from your hair as soon as you get home. 
Keep your feet dry and clean. The toes develop fungal infection quite often in rainy seasons. Athletes and people who attend jobs with full boots need especial care for their feet.  Change your socks every day and make sure that your toes have fully dried from least humidity before you put on socks and shoes. 

Use Skin Scrubs
Skin pores need to keep ultimately clean to avoid developing any complications. Use a good face scrub twice a week in order to exfoliate. Scrubbing your body also helps in keeping fresh and comfortable throughout the monsoon season.  Avoid using oil based creams as your skin can suffer badly from the extra oil. Instead, use non-greasy moisturizers and face wash with fruit extracts. Do not make-up for extended long hours. Clean your face from all the remains of make-up with a good quality cleanser. Skin brightening toners are best for you after you wash your face in order to close the pores and refurbish the pH balance of your skin. 
Natural homemade pastes help to keep your skin clean and glowing. Use fresh lemon juice, fuller’s earth, pate of neem leaves, rose water and cucumber mixed together in a paste. Apply this paste on your skin and rub softly for a while. Then, wash your skin with cold water thoroughly. This can boost your skin condition, clean the acne and keep the pores open. 
Water and Diet  
Of course your diet is the key agent in keeping your skin in perfect condition. The moiré balanced your diet, the younger and healthier your skin.  Drinking adequate to extra water is also greatly helpful in keeping your skin in perfect health. 

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