Enjoyment and Fun for Empty Nesters

Enjoyment and Fun for Empty Nesters

Jenny’s room is empty. Her clean beds with some teen magazines piled neatly next to her pillow are looking abundant and you can’t just remove them easily from there. Oh, dear….this is going to be too emotional to cope with. You keep yourself busy in activities that give you deep satisfaction and pleasure.  Join your life partner in whatever he does and share with him your feelings, thoughts, and plans and keep together.  This time is tough for you both to see your house empty after 20 long years of liveliness. Look forward instead of looking back and select some good social and recreational activities to enjoy your own life.

How Volunteering Is Satisfying 
Father Damien, Mother Teresa, Ruth Fao and many more would not have devoted their entire lives volunteering for needy, poor and sick if these caring moments would not have given them sheer pleasure and deep satisfaction.  You can find countless children in your nearby orphanage who need your love and company even if for a while every day.  Draw a schedule for you to visit an orphanage or be a part of NGO working for needy and homeless. Devote some of your time for those who are deprived of much love and care in their lives. You can find that you can do a great deal for them like giving lessons of what you know and work with other volunteers to build good social bonds with those who have no family or a home. This can drive you out of the loneliness that you are suffering from now. 

Empty Nesters Fun Activities

A. Music is soothing! Start taking lessons in piano or guitar whatever you like. Make your evenings meaningful by spending some lively hours with your spouse playing piano or other. You can invite neighbors or friends especially those who are also empty nesters to join you and have fun.
B. Learning exercise is great at this time. It can help you boost your stamina and keep you fit at your older age.  Join an exercise club or gym nearby and attend sessions of exercise regularly. 
C. If you have a taste of art and own a creative mind, refurbish your home decoration. Many things you can make out of simple material and hang them on the walls.  They would simply look great. There are plenty of ideas on many websites and the tutorials can suffice you to make everything on your own. 

Work on a Project
It may not be a need to earn but for the mere thrill and excitement of it start a small business of your own. It can be really engaging and interesting particularly when you are not under any economical pressure but doing it for the sake of finding something to keep busy. You can carry on your business relaxed and plan for it with peace of mind. So, gear up for a more motivating life than before and enjoy your time!

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