Guidance For Periods

Guidance For PeriodsGuidance For Periods

Tips 1  You can get pregnant if you do sex during periods so use condoms.

Tips 2   If your periods are not regular then not need to worried and consult to doctor.

Tip  3    If Menstrual periods occurring more than every 21 days then consult to doctor.

Tips 4    If  Menstrual periods occurring 90 days apart, even for one cycle then consult to doctor.

Tips 5   Always use good quality pad/tampon.

Tips 6   No menstrual period within three years of breast development.

Tips 7   our first period will probably be fairly light so use good quality pad/tempon  would be a good choice of pad.

Tips 8    If you feel weakness during the periods then consult the doctor.

Tips 9    Change your pad or tempon regularly otherwise it may be harmful.

Tips 10  Use a high quality pad or tempon.

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