Quick Skin Care Only 15 Minutes Per Day

Quick Skin Care Only 15 Minutes Per Day

Quick Skin Care- Only 15 Minutes Per Day

Glowing skin with no wrinkles is the most attractive feature you can have. It is not necessary that everyone should be blessed with skin having above qualities by birth. You can practice some quick methods to bring amazing improvement in your skin. Following are some of the methods that can help your skin look always young and attractive:

How to Rake Care of Your Skin by Natural Means
 A.   Massage your skin with olive oil for 5 minutes after washing with slightly warm water.  Keep the pressure of your hands soft and take enough amount of oil to slip your hands easily instead of rubbing your skin hard. Use any washing soap or liquid which is suitable for your skin and wash your skin thoroughly 5 minutes after you have done with massaging. Use soft towel for tapping on your skin gently to dry it from excessive water. Do not rub your skin with the towel as it damages the fresh look of your skin.  Now you can apply make-up if you need that or just choose any non-greasy moisturizer to apply on your skin.

 B.  Every third day give a break to oil massage and use another self made skin cleanser and moisturizer, that works wonders to keep your skin flawless and fair. Mix two table spoons of milk, one tea spoon of fresh lemon juice and one table spoon of Aloe Vera juice and mix them together well, apply the mixture on your skin softly for five minutes only. Leave it to dry for another ten minutes. Now, take slightly warm water and wash your skin thoroughly until it is fully clean of the mixture. Now dry the skin in the same way as described above.  Apply simple rose water on your skin softly and do not try to rub it. 

 C.    If you have oily skin, do not use oil massage but only once a week. The other days of the week use lemon and milk mixture on alternate days. 

 D.   It is good to scrub your skin once a week to clean it from dead skin cells. Use any good brand skin scrubber. Yu can make your own home made skin scrubber if you like that. Take a tea spoon of wheat flour and mix it in rose water. Rub your skin with it for five minutes and then wash it thoroughly with simple water. Dry your skin softly and apply what you need like make-up or moisturizer.

What You should Avoid to Keep Your Skin Healthy
Do not sleep at night with make-up as it damages your skin badly. Never use cheap products on your skin because they contain harmful chemicals and can damage your skin beyond repair. ealthy Healthy

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