Menopause and Changes in Your Body

Menopause and Changes in Your Body

Changes are to take place in your body if you are going to start your menopause. Some women face troubles alongside the changes while others enter the phase quite smoothly. Whether you pass through troubles or get everything done to by nature smoothly, you have to bear some prominent changes in your body which are inevitable. 

Weight Gain
Now you put on extra pounds easily and develop a plumper figure than what you were used to be. With extra weight you can face high blood pressure, diabetes 2 and raised level of cholesterol. The solution is simple. Just try to keep fit and smart by taking low fat and low calorie food but high in fiber, vitamins and minerals. . You need to make exercise your routine or your physical set up starts deteriorating.   

Uncomfortable Sex Life 
The vulvar tissues in your body have atrophied so turn dryer “down there” than before. Use over-the-counter lubricants and always choose water based products and avoid petroleum-based lubricants as they trap bacteria and eventually cause infection. Try to maintain comfortable sex life because it is highly important for your overall physical health and dynamism. 

Healthy Heart
The normal amount of estrogen was your shield against heart diseases before but now you do not have it. So, you are more vulnerable to cardiac problems. Make sure that you live a heart-healthy life by doing proper cardio-vascular exercises and taking a regular meal containing omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 has proved to be optimal in keeping your heart in best condition. You can take supplements to keep the supply regular but do not discontinue them in any case. 

You most probably develop hypertension especially if your body is suffering from the lack of estrogen.  This hypertension can lead to many social problems as well as health complications. Defend yourself from hypertension by combining diet with improved life style and daily routine. Increase vitamin and mineral rich food and drink plenty of water. Bring refreshing change in your bedroom, garden and strengthen your social contacts.  Love your children and pets if you have any. In order to keep your blood pressure normal, play some easy and light sports or do exercise. 

Bones and Teeth 
Your bones and teeth are prone to cracks or breakage more before. You can feel inflexibility in your joints while walking and working at home. First you need to keep your teeth highly clean and visit your dentist twice a year regularly. Losing a tooth means losing a portion of your health. Save your teeth to save your health.

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