Menstrual Products For Girls

Menstrual Products For GirlsMenstrual Products For Girls

    Menstrual products, used to absorb or catch the menses, come in either disposable or reusable forms.

Disposable menstrual products:
A. Sanitary towels:   these are towels, pads, napkins which are placed in the underwear and absorb the menstrual flow. Many of them have wings which can fold round the underwear, and have adhesive to make sure they do not slide. They are usually made of either wood pulp or some gel product. Older napkins have a sort of belt instead of adhesive or wings to keep them in place.

  B.  Tampons:    these are cylinders (long and tube like) made of treated rayon/cotton blends, or 100% cotton fleece. They are generally bleached. The woman/girl inserts it into her vagina. The menstrual flow is absorbed internally.
  C.  Padettes:    these are placed within the inner labia. They are disposable wads of treated rayon/cotton blend fleece.

  D.  Menstrual cups:   this is a firm, flexible cup-shaped device that the woman wears inside the vagina to catch the menstrual flow. The disposable ones are made of soft plastic.

Reusable menstrual products

A.  Cloth pads:   these are generally made of cotton, terrycloth or flannel. They are placed externally.

B.  Menstrual caps:   these are similar to the disposable ones, but they can be reused.

C. Sea sponges:      these are used in the same way as a tampon. They are placed inside, through the vagina, and absorb the menses. After cleaning, they can be used again.

       D. Reusable underwear:  often called 'padded panties. These are usually made of cotton with absorbent layers sewn on. They can be washed and reused.

    E.   Blanket:    also known as a towel or a draw sheet. They are large pieces of cloth which are more commonly used during sleep. They are placed between the legs. They can be washed and used again.

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