Things Must Do During Sex

Things Must Do During Sex

Things Must Do During Sex

 1.       Have sex like a man. OK, that's not entirely fair. Have sex like that loser guy you slept with at uni who didn't care if you came or not. Put your pleasure first, ask for what you want and do not worry too much about whether he is  having as good a time. We would not make a habit of it, but we do think your man will like your selfish turn.

 2.      It is easy for things to end up cosy rather than steamy with a long-term partner. Take yourself back to the early days by snogging like teenagers and then going out for the evening before having sex. Heidi, a 37-year-old nursery worker, is a fan: "We might make out in the evening upstairs while the kids.

 3.       No  dungeon required, we promise. Instead of surprising your partner with a pair of handcuffs (though feel free if that is your thing!), start your adventure in domination and submission gently.

 4.        Who knew one small tube could revolutionise your sex life? Just a little bit of quality lube can mean the difference between discomfort and ecstasy. There are plenty of factors that can affect a woman's natural lubrication  dehydration, antihistamines, the Pill, stress, antidepressants, pregnancy and even breastfeeding; but you do not have to need it to enjoy it.

 5.       Some women prefer a sexy lingerie set with suspenders. If they are feeling really daring, we recommend a cupless bra and matching crotchless knickers!. Just make sure that what you're wearing is for both of you - feeling itchy and uncomfortable is not going to make for memorable sex. If lingerie  is not your thing, try a pair of stilettos or red hot lipstick, instead. It is like the sexual equivalent of a business suit, getting you in the right mindset.

6.      This does not mean you have to be easy. Men enjoy a challenge, just so long as they know where they stand. So, if you want him to do something to you, he will rate you for being up front about it, and eager to oblige. 

7.     Many men are actually worried about whether their cock is long enough, thick enough, and if you find it attractive. If you do, then praise it. Tell him how much you like it, then go back to him with your mouth. You will get his attention, believe me.

8.     If he is not the talkative type, use your hands to find out what works and what does not. Have a fiddle around, and see how he responds.

9.      Try a slight swivelling motion with your head during oral. Just a slight turn of the neck is all that is needed. We do not want you breaking your spine.

10.    If you are a 69 novice, start with the woman on top position, not only will you avoid the risk of being poked somewhere you'd rather not be, but your partner will have both hands free to give you further stimulation.

11.    Having the shaft of the penis taken well into the mouth is very stimulating. But taking the penis deep into your mouth may make you gag. Try taking a deep breath just before and as the penis slips deeper into your now open mouth exhale (breath out) through the nose in a controlled manner until you withdraw from the shaft.

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