Never Eat These Foods

Never Eat These Foods

Never Eat These Foods 

 1.     If you're prone to skin problems and tempted to grab a bagel before you go in the morning, think twice. "Bagels have a massively high glycemic index, which increases insulin and leads to increased inflammation in the body, which is shown to possibly accelerate aging and worsen acne and rosacea.

  2.     Dietitians and doctors all agree: Soda should be nixed from your diet completely. One can of soda is like a can of water with 10 packets of sugar in it.

 3.   A bowl of Frosted Flakes, F root Loops, or Cap'n Crunch might taste like nostalgia, but it'll wreak some havoc with its high amount of inflammation-causing sugar and gluten content. "For some people with sensitive skin, gluten can exacerbate breakouts, leading to increased redness and, yes, more breakouts.

 4.   Its easy to forget sources of sugar when you're making recipes that aren't traditionally considered sweet, but they do exist.Tomato sauce is a big culprit.

 5.    Chances are you already suspect that milkshakes are not all that healthy. But this particular shake, made with chocolate ice cream, milk, and peanut butter, is in a class of its own. This frosty monster delivers an entire days worth of calories and almost three and a half times the daily limit for saturated fat.

 6.    Most of us think its a healthy alternative to butter. but margarine has loads of trans fats, which increase your cholesterol. And it contains a lot of ingredients vs butter's one or two. The calorie count is also similar to butter, but we tend to eat more of it because we think its healthier. Your best bet: Stick with small does of butter or use heart-healthy olive oil.

 7.     All soy is not bad, but the isolate resembles estrogen, which is iffy some research has shown that it can increase the risk of cancers and infertility in women. If you want to go vegetarian, opt for veggie burgers with quinoa, chickpeas, or black beans as a base, and eat protein bars that are based on nuts and seeds. And for meat subs, go for beans, nuts, seeds, nut butters, and natural sources of soy like edamame, tofu, and tempeh.

 8.     These babies are convenient but are often heavily processed and filled with fat and salt. Instead of going this route, make a big meal  at home when you have some downtime, portion it out, and freeze the servings. Frozen fruits and veggies are okay, too, as long as you look for options without added sauces or salt.
 9.    The luring scent of Cinnamon is a mall staple. But just one of these decadent pastries means trouble. They deliver about half the calories and just about all the fat you should consume in a day.

 10.    Muffins are often mistaken for the doughnuts healthy cousin.  But muffins can be surprisingly high in fat.  This one is particularly offensive; you would need to eat about three glazed donuts to match its nutrients and calories.   

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