Fact About Love

Fact About LoveFact About Love

 1.  There are several types of love  physical, mental, spiritual and true love.

 2.  It takes less than  four minutes to decide whether you have feelings for someone.

 3.  Find someone who is energy adds to yours. Finding a partner whose love energy adds to yours is like someone pushing you on a swing, it will go higher and higher.

 4.   When two people in love stare into each others  eyes, their heart rates sync up.

 5.    And while looking at someone you love, your pupils dilate.

 6.    Strong, true, relationships depend on strong self-awareness. If you do  not  love  yourself how can you expect someone else to love you for who you are?.

7.     When you meet someone new, leave any negative feelings or past heartbreaks just where they should be in the past.

8.     When two strangers are forced to talk and maintain eye contact for a while, it can make them fall in love.

9.     And when you look at a new love, your brain suppresses the instinct to make critical social judgments.

10.   On average, people fall in love seven times before getting married.

11.   People with high self-esteem have longer and more successful relationships.

12.   You are most likely to fall in love with someone if you first meet them in a dangerous situation.

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