Never Do This

Never Do ThisNever Do This....!

 1.    Never overuse makeup. It can ruin your skin if you have too much and it may clump up during the day and prevent you from having a healthy glow.
 2.    Do not worry and rush around so much! Take at least ten minutes a day to do something you find relaxing.

 3.    Never say you are not pretty, that will make you upset. Always be confident and think positive!

 4.    Never wash your face with hot water. It makes it dry and red. Always use normal or cold water which energizes your skin and makes it more pink, giving it a blushing effect.

 5.    Do not confuse confidence with cockiness. Don't compare yourself to others!

 6.    Do not use so many electronics on your face, hair, or body.

 7.     Do not use any bottled products on your skin! This cannot be stressed enough.

 8.     Do not use harsh cleansers or astringents on your skin; use natural oils and honey to gently moisturize and cleanse the face.

 9.     Do not pull and tug at your skin! Avoid touching your skin when you are going about your daily activities. When you are cleansing your skin use gentle massaging movements.Most products (even ones claiming to be extremely natural) have chemicals that you shouldn't put on your skin! This can be harmful to your skin.

 10.    Never bite your fingernails. This is not only unhygienic but it leaves your nails misshaped and curved.

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