Putting Yourself First!

Putting Yourself First!

Putting Yourself First...!
 1.    Do not try to change every problem area in your life all at once. Start with one or two items, then expand as you get things under control.

 2.   Learn to say  No!. Your  yes is valuable and should not be automatic. Instead, reserve it for the things that are most important to you.

 3.    Preserve your physical health with adequate sleep, exercise, and nutrition.

 4.    Continue to practice putting yourself first. It may feel new to you and even odd at first. Be mindful of your behavior so you do not  slip back into old patterns. By learning to put yourself first, you will gain more out of life for yourself and others too.

 5.     Learning to put yourself first also involves setting boundaries. Recognizing and attending to your needs is a priority, so boundaries are crucial. Setting boundaries is not  selfish at all. In fact, it is a very loving and honorable thing to do. By creating healthy boundaries, you show respect for yourself and others.

 6.    As a compassionate person, you probably sense others needs before they even ask for help. You may find yourself constantly at the ready to step in and come to their aid. While serving as a helpful resource is admirable.

 7.    Try to look at the problems in your life with new eyes to find solutions. If you are a new mom, for instance, see if you can trade childcare with another new mom to get some time for yourself.

 8.    There will always be more meetings to attend, more client work to complete, and more questions to answer, but there will not always be more time to do whats in your best interest, 

 9.   Unless you work in an emergency medical environment, seconds, minutes and even hours often do  not  make a huge difference in the well being and safety of those around you. So when you are asked for something, wrap up what you are working.

 10.   Think about how you can step out of the cycle of responsiveness and move into a place of investing in what matters most to you. You will find that when you put yourself first, you will inspire others to be better, and live better, and your  selfishness  will help them more than you could ever imagine.

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