Personal Life Style Tips

Personal Life Style Tips

Personal Life Style Tips

 1.   Be friendly. You should act slightly superior but don't be snobby.
 2.    Someone who shies away from attention will never be popular. Don't regard attention as a bad thing; instead, learn to use it to your own advantage. Don't be too much of an attention-seeker, though, as it's purely pathetic.

 3.   If you have grown up with a certain belief system (religion, political view, etc.) ask yourself why you believe this. Do you really believe this or is it just a habit?
 4.    If there is an aspect you admire, incorporate it into your own life. This is called 'shop cart views'. You don't have to agree with everything from a particular ideology.

 5.    Don't always say what you think; if everybody told the truth right the way it is, our lives would be way more boring. Besides, sometimes a little innocent lie or a "spiced up" story is more interesting than the truth, right?

 6.    No one wants to be around someone who is embarrassing to look at. So tighten up those tummies and hush those thunder-thighs, you want to turn heads with your smoking hot bod.

 7.    Dress in your comfort zone so you appear relaxed. Guys will think you're laid back and low maintenance.

 8.   You can be a party girl without drinking. Alcohol is not what parties are all about.

 9.   Learn to flirt and present yourself over as attractive to guys. There are different types of seductive; pick the type that is the closest to your personality and enhances your best features.

 10.   People will look up to you for ideas of where to hang out, what to wear and what social events to attend. Know all the latest gossip about everyone around you; the juicier, the better.

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