Never Do This During Sex?

Never Do This During Sex?

Never Do This During Sex?

 1.     it is  not okay to cry during sex. You feel weird, he feels weird.  And just,  why?  Do not do it.

 2.     Obviously dirty talk is okay, but when a girl just starts striking up random conversation in the middle of it.  it is a mood killer. Save the chatting for cuddle time.

 3.     This includes, but is not limited to, scratching, biting, or getting hostile with his man parts in any way.  Aside from biting during a blow job, the worst, repeat worst thing you can do to a guy is get emotional when things are not  working  right away as soon as things become too mental, it is over.

 4.      Talk about a buzz kill. Showing you are sleepy shows him you are not focused and uninterested both of which can ruin the moment. One guy said there is nothing worse than seeing your partner yawn while getting it on.

 5.      This can be equally demeaning for both parties. Are you talking about his male parts, your lady parts? Your adorable little thrusts? Either way, it is like baby talk in the sack.   just, no.

 6.      You are not doing anyone any favors by faking.  in fact you're only perpetuating this extremely accurate male mentality.

 7.       Do Not talk about your daily routine.

 8.       Never talk about your office work and other problem.

 9.       Do not be too much emotional.

 10.    Talk about person sexual interest and other that thing who increase your  interest to each other.

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