Fashion Life In Summer

Fashion Life In SummerFashion Life In Summer

1.   They are typically lightweight (and they are cool since they reflect sunlight), plus they are great from morning till night and available in every shape, style, and silhouette this season. They are also the perfect palette for the bold accessories we like to pile on in the summer.

 2.   Mirrored SunglassesThese come in a variety of shapes, colors, and price points. but they are all fun.

 3.   Ankle-Strap Sandals :This is the shoe shape of the season whether in flats or heels.  They are comfortable too because they do not  slip off or create lots of blisters.

 4.   We will  see it everywhere, from cutoffs, to jean jackets and vests, to chambray shirts and dresses, especially in medium to light faded washes.
 5.   Tropical Prints:  Hawaiian like floral shirts, with plenty of pineapples, flamingos, and palm trees.  This trend does skew young, but if you are looking for playful accessories or beach gear it might be up your alley.

 6.   Stylish Halter Tops: A flattering look that has not gone out of style yet.

 7.    White Blazer :  Take a dramatic approach to outer wear with an all white blazer. Whether  you prefer a structured variation or a looser cut  

 8.     Wear White:  White is huge for summer clothing and accessories. White shoes are back! And the black and white pairing is still a big trend carried over from spring.

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