Awareness About Sex LIfe

Awareness About Sex LIfeImportant Awareness About Sex  Life

Step 1    Be sure you are mentally and physically prepared for having sex.

Step 2     Use  adequate protection such as condoms and avoid having multiple sex partners.

Step 3   If you are having sex with someone you do not know well, make sure that he cannot take advantage of you.

Step 4   Protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy(use  condoms and birth control pills)

Step 5   Before having a sex make sure all the precautions have been taken else you might just be repenting those few moments of pleasure. 

Step 6   Choose the right and high quality condoms.

Step 7    Before using the  birth control pills consult to the experts.

Step 8    If your partner is not use a condoms them you can also use a female condoms penetrative vaginal sex.

Step 9   Take care during experimenting with anal sex. sometimes it may be risky.

Step 10  Regularly checkup and consult with sex doctor.

Step 11  If you have sex without precaution then not need worry you should contact with doctor and follow the instructions given the doctor.

Step 12   If you have unwanted pregnancy then you also contact to the doctor,never take any pills without consult the doctor it really harmful for you.

Step 13   Do not worried when having sex first time about blood it is natural process if it is not stop  then contact to the doctor.

Step 14   Never use Drugs before and during sex its harmful.

Step 15    Do not worried about changes physically in your body its natural.

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