Get Attractive and Sexy Lips

Get Attractive and Sexy LipsMethod 1

Step 1.     Apply Vaseline all over lips, dab toothbrush in warm water and scrub your lips paying special attention to dry areas.

2.    Remove all traces of vaseline by dipping your washcloth in warm water and removing all the vaseline from lips. Make sure to dry lips.

Step 3.   Apply lip moisturizer to rehydrate your lips.

- This is done weekly

Method  2

1       Your lips crave for hydration so, drink a lot of water.

Tips 2       Never Biting Your Lips.

Tips 3      Never Licking Your Lips It may harmful for your lips.

 Tips 4      Use Lips Balms daily it protect your lips from various element and Choose a natural and organic balms these are more useful.

5    Exfoliation is very useful and it is very easy to do and you should do once in a week if you have dry lips.

 Tips 6    Our Lips are very sensitive against Sun light so use SPF that provide protection from sun light.

 Tips 7     Wind, dust and dry air also damage your lips. So use lip balms or lipsticks in home.

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