Advantage Of Friendship

Advantage Of FriendshipAdvantage Of Friendship

 1.   Friend help in perfect shopping.

 2.   Boys will be boys, and sometimes their can't-read-your-mind responses prompt the need to commiserate. On the other hand, sometimes they deserve a round of applause  and nothing serves as a better reminder of how lucky in love you are than a sigh from your girlfriends as you recap his most recent romantic gesture.

3.    You may have a question your boyfriend or husband wouldn't know the answer,  Not to mention, somewhere deep inside, you want your love interest to continue seeing you as the goddess he did when you first met, which might make discussing your most recent yeast infection a bad idea.

4.  When there's no holding back, dancing takes on a whole new realm of possibilities. And, while there are plenty of perks to getting down with a group of super-fun guys, there's nothing like getting your groove on with ladies who won't care how sweaty you've gotten by the end of the night.

5.   If we have any personal doubt then we can talk with our best friend.

6.   They also help in solving our problems.

7.    You need people who, for better or worse, have been through what you've been through. After all, wisdom derives from experience. But either way, ladies tend to listen, explains Berry, while men feel the need to solve a problem. When her garbage disposal broke.

8.     Friendship is an excellent prescription for all kinds of physical and emotional pain.

9.    Spending time with friends is deeply gratifying for most people, and it carries some surprising side effects:  not only does it improve your mood and self-esteem, it also reduces stress and lowers your risk for terminal illness! Maintaining friendships can be hard during those middle years, when work and family often take higher priority,but for a longer, happier, more fulfilling life, its certainly worth the effort.

10.    These preferences demonstrate the unique relationship that we have with our friends. Friends, along with our romantic partners, are among the few significant others that we choose ourselves.

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