Surprising Ways To Lose Weight

Surprising Ways To Lose WeightSurprising Ways To Lose Weight

 1.    Leave serving dishes on the stove instead of at the dining table and you will eat nearly 10 percent less. And pack snacks into single serving bags. Eating out of a large container ups consumption by 61 percent.

 2.    Dieters who ate a large breakfast that included a sweet treat lost 37 pounds more over eight months than those on an equal calorie diet with a smaller, low carb breakfast.

 3.     Clench your fists when you have a food craving. A series of studies published and  found that people were better able to control their impulses when they tightened a muscle for at least 30 seconds.

 4.     After a sweet treat, eat half a slice of deli turkey to keep you from wanting more.

 5.    Change your goal from lose 20 pounds  to  lose 1 pound 20 times and give yourself credit for each one.

 6.    Variety stokes your appetite. Limit the variety of treats you buy so you'll eat less of them; and do the opposite with vegetables so you will eat more of them.

 7.     Eat what your family eats, but put your serving on a kid size plate.
 8.     Have a bowl of vegetable soup before lunch; you'll eat 20 percent fewer calories at the meal.

 9.     Can not give up the bread basket? Use olive oil instead of butter: You will eat 23 percent less bread and 16 percent fewer calories.

 10.   Think of an image of yourself fit. When a craving occurs, picture the image. With repetition, your brain will replace the craving with the image.

 11.    Work out in the morning. researchers found that 45 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise in the morning greduces your motivation for food.

 12.    Eat at least 80 percent things that grow and no more than 20 percent things that walk.

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