Stop Chain Smoking Tips

Stop Chain Smoking TipsAvoid Chain Smoking

Tip  1   Make a deal with good friends to quit. You may find that they want to quit as well.

Tips   2    Smokers often hate other people quitting, so be prepared for a few put-downs. It is a good idea to have something ready to say when you  are offered a cigarette.

Tips  3     Worried about weight gain while you are quitting? Load your bag up with low-calorie snacks, such as apple chips, carrot sticks, mints, popcorn or chewing gum, to get you through the cravings.

Tips   4      Prepare a chart of disadvantage of smoking and  read it regularly.

Tips   5    Consultant with doctor regularly.

Tips  6    Read the article of great person and also read  the article of the person who do some different.

Tips  7   Spend time in smoke-free places.

Tips  8     Avoid restaurants and bars that allow smoking.

Tips  9     Put it in writing it really help you avoid the smoking.

Tip   10     People are more likely to succeed at quitting when friends and family help. So get support of people.

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