Solve Marriage Life Problems

Solve Marriage Life ProblemsSolve Marriage Life Problems

1.  Too much distance: 
You're both so busy with work, the kids, and your own interests that you can go for days without having a real conversation.Sometimes it break your relationships so always try spent time with your family.

2.  Say Sorry !
it is really solve big problem.when you make a mistake in relationship then clearly accepted your mistake and say sorry to your partner.

3.  Your husband does not appreciate what you do at home.

    Solve- Schedule time to talk with him alone.  Before bringing up your feelings, listen to his.  Tell him your goal is to be a good wife, mother, and family manager.  Show him the home and property department checklist.Talk about how you can work together to make your home run more smoothly.

4.  Your Husband spends too little time helping out with housecleaning, cooking, or caring for your children.

     Solve - Take time to discuss your need for help and why he has not done more to assist you.  Perhaps he felt hed be intruding your territory, so he backed off.  Maybe has tried in the past and your standards were so high he felt frustrated and scolded rather than appreciated for his effort.

5.   When  you feel like your marriage is in trouble but you do not know what to do.?

    Solve- Ask your husband if he would be willing to go with you to a counselor.  If he will  not go, you can gain insight by going on your own.  Here are some other ways to strengthen your marriage.

6.   Help your partner in his work.

7.   Ask regularly to him for any query if he have.

8.  Try to keep silence when your partner is upset and do not say any other status.

9.   Keep clean the place and home.

10.While it is perfectly obvious to you what needs to be done around the house, your husband seems totally oblivious.  You get tired of telling him to do the same things over and over.
       Solve- Besides being gracious and patient, keep in mind that everyone is different, and he actually really might not see what needs to be done.  There are areas in all of our lives where we do not live up to each others expectations.  See solutions 1-3 for ideas on how to approach him.

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