Raise your kids Right Tips for Working Women

Raise your kids Right Tips for Working Women

Raise your kids Right - Tips for Working Women

The biggest challenge a working woman faces in her life to take care of her kids and raise them right while being an active office job. This can be highly challenging particularly when they are alone to look after their kids. Though, it is an extra burden for you to raise your child according to your values and views when you have little time at hand to spend at home but with some arrangements of you can manage to do a great job. 

Make the Best Use of Your Time at Home

After finishing your office work, relax for a while on your chair and schedule in your mind what necessary things you have got to do at home. Make a mental list of tem or prepare a written list. At the end of list you record "Time for Kids". This time can bring a big change in their life. Following are some innovative ideas for spending time with them. 

 A. Share with them an interesting event from your life or a near friend's life. Narrate it to while relaxing at the end of the day. Sometimes ask them too to tell you what they find interesting from their life at school and with friends. This can give you a chance to have an idea about their life and you easily explain to them what is good and what is not whenever you get the opportunity. 

 B. Have some simple but exciting indoor games at home to play a round or two with your kids before you sleep. This will strengthen your relation with them and they would enjoy being with you and will easily accept what you ask them to do. 

 C. Discuss with them the upcoming events and especial days like Christmas, Halloween, Diwali, Birthdays and take their opinion about which especial dish they would like to have or what unprecedented activity they would love to do. Your understanding and care of their opinion can raise their self esteem and increase their confidence. 

Keep in Touch with Their Teachers at School

A child spends most of his day at school. Thus, his teachers have a lot of time to observe his behavior and contribute in his raising. Your time to time visit to the school and meeting with your kids' teachers will help you learn about your kids' habits; and many future disasters can be averted with your timely care. 

Show Your Love Equally to Your Kids Friends

Every kid loves his friends and upon finding you also interacting with them with an elderly love and care will make them feel protected and proud. They would never hesitate to let you meet with his friends and know about them. This can help you to be well aware of your kids  community and since you are near to him, he would give your opinion great respect. 

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