Latest Hair Styles

Latest Hair StylesLatest Hair Styles

 1.  Party Hairstyles:

A.   The wet look is in again! Apply some gel to your hair, and twirl them around your fingers to get gorgeous waves. If your outfit is the show stopper, then keep your hair style simple. Get a blow dry or use a glossy hair serum if your hair sits well naturally to give it a shine.

  B.     If you are wearing a simple outfit, accessorize your hair with a head band, scarf or pins with embellishments. Add rollers to the ends of your pony tail to give it bounce. If you are wearing an off shoulder outfit, try a slick bun. Apply some wet look gel to your hair then for that chic look.

 2. Latest Hair Trends:

A.   Whether you have short, shoulder length or long hair, the side parting is in vogue. The wet look is back again! You could try simple waves , a sleek hair knot or high pony tail with your wet look gel. Play around colour depending on your skin tone, be it blonde or darker browns.
  B.  A short fringe is in vogue. The pony tail is back with a bang. Side partings are in, but center ones never went out of style. Try the right rough textures. Up do with embellishments or mermaid pearl hair pins are in. Use some hair mousse to give your hair movement. Warm hair colours are in.

 3. Hair Style For Interviews:

A.   For an interview, keep it simple and conventional. If you have straight hair, you could try a sleek high pony tail. If you have curls, try Sunsilk Shiny, Smooth & Tangle Free conditioner for them to look soft and silky. Use a serum post wash to define them better. Half pin them at the top.

        B.   Your hairstyle would depend on the kind of job and company you are giving the interview. It would also depend on the length of your hair. You could try a French braid which is very feminine. If you have soft waves, apply a serum, and clip the hair strands in front behind.

 4.  Hair Styles For Bride  
A. Bridal braid:   This is a popular hairstyle for the classic southern bride, however today brides all over the country are experimenting with the look. And its not just the traditional braid that is gaining popularity. Brides are seen donning the fishtail braid with embellishments or the even the more elegant and romantic waterfall braid that works wonderfully with the Indian attire. For a more bridal look you can embellish your braid with jeweled/crystal hairpins or flowers! 

       B. Messy buns:   Buns have always been a favorite for any Indian bride, but now the new age bride has started sporting this traditional hairstyle with a twist and a turn! Messy buns are the latest to hit the bridal circuit, with teased strands flowing loosely from the bun and accessorized with ornaments. This hairstyle looks particularly stylish with modern cut lehengas or an offbeat color palate in the outfit. 

       C. Half updos and curls: Right from red carpet appearances to wedding receptions, this is one style statement that will not let you down. Worn either sideways or left loose with a high top, updos give you that extra oomph you need on your wedding day. The hairstyle can then give way to curls at the bottom just add a soft touch to your look as a newly married bride at your wedding reception! A versatile hairstyle is exactly what every new age bride needs  and this particular one delivers! 

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