How to Recognize Psychological Abuse

How to Recognize Psychological Abuse

The symptoms of psychological abuse are not as distinct as the signs of physical abuse. They are quite elusive to be diagnosed. In the beginning when a victim is at the early stages of his suffering it is quite difficult for any psychologist to distinguish the symptoms of the abuse from the normal behavior. The mere look of the overall attitude of him does not pull anyone’s attention as being unusual.  The matter becomes obvious and noticeable as soon as the victim starts showing clear signs of abnormal behavior. You need to observe his way of talking, responding, dealing with people and things under his use to know the level of psychological abuse he has been through.  

How to Notice Psychological Abuse

If a person who is dealing with you exceeds the boundaries of consideration and care of your feelings and emotions, you get cautious of him. His destructive behavior can injurious to you. You may think in the beginning that he is addressing you in a harsh manner because he is an older person and is trying to explain something to you for some good especially if this person is your father, husband or teacher.  This can be true to some extant if the addressing tone is not sharp and humiliating but if he turns out to be a habitual criticizer and discouraging towards whatever you practice then you can start using preventative measure while dealing with him. 

People who try to be highly possessive about someone also make the other person feel upset, irritated and uncomfortable. They do not leave there any space a person to have his own free opinion and choice. Basically every human loves to practice his life on the base of his free understanding and perception. He does not like to be under the commands of someone else. In case of his deprivation from his personal freedom, which is his right, he must act immediately so that he can find proper help before it is too late. 

 Too much blaming and reminding one of his mistakes and weaknesses is also destructive. If you find someone who does the same with you, first try to explain to him those mistakes of yours so that he changes his attitude about you but if it does not work that seek some media. 

Symptoms of Psychological Abuse

Anger, anxiety and irritation are the most common symptoms of psychological abuse. In more serious cases the victim suffers from diseases and health disorders also. Skin problems, headache, tummy ache, loss of appetite and many other sicknesses mostly hit the victims of psychological abuse.  You can safeguard yourself from the threat of psychological abuse of a near relative or friend if you learn some of the basic tips of recognizing abuse and avoiding it without any harm. 

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