Healthy Eating Habits to Beat Stress

Healthy Eating Habits to Beat Stress

Stress is the result of hassles, frustration, deadlines and demands. It becomes a serious issue for your health when it starts increasing and you do not find a way out of it. At this stage you can observe many changes in your behavior which tend to affect you badly. Your health deteriorates and your temper becomes sharp. Things get worse and your married life can get affected too, and that means escalated problem between you and your life partner. Your mental performance in your business becomes slow and you simply cannot do as much as you need to. The matter must not be left to reach that point where the solutions seem to be impossible. You can easily avert this situation by adopting good and healthy eating habits which can keep your mind alert and blood circulation smooth. The more fit your health is the lesser is there a possibility of getting affected by stress.  Following are the most socially accepted healthy eating habits which can help you beat stress successfully:


Taking breakfast before leaving for work in the morning is always helpful. Even if you eat a little amount of some cereal, fruits, yoghurt, milk, sandwich, eggs or any other thing that you find suiting your palate.  You can be creative in preparing a bowl of fruit salad, cereal with fruits, yoghurt salad and many other easy dishes. Adding any juice or milk can make your breakfast very satisfying and nutritious.

Lunch and Dinner

Taking lunch on time makes a big difference in your life. Do not delay your lunch and take a cup of tea coffee but have small walk and go to a nearby restaurant or your office canteen. You need protein rich food with necessary vitamins and minerals.  Check the menu and pick chicken, fish, baked beans, salad, soup made as you like. Steamed and broiled chicken and meat are the best form of consuming protein. The addition of salad increases the nutritional value of the meal. 

Between the Meals

Extra work requires extra energy. You need to keep the supply of your requirements steady and smooth. Keep some healthy snacks like nuts, raisins, bananas or any other seasonal fruit handy. Some whole grain products like cornmeal cake, date cookies, oat-cookies or cakes also do a great job between the meals. 


Do you know that mental performance improves when you drink water frequently during your work? Your digestion, muscle flexibility, appetite and even the softness of your skin depends on the amount of water you drink every day. Keep a bottle of fresh water in your car, on your desk, beside your bed and next to you when you watch TV. 

Other than these you avoid excessive consumption of Alcohol and try to stop smoking if you do.  Any sort of alcoholic drinks or narcotics are harmful for your health and mental strength. Adopt healthy habits  and enjoy more!

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