Friendships Tips

Friendships Tips Friendships Tips 

1.    Always thank your friend when he or she does something for you.

2.     Return favors when your friend goes out of his or her way to help you.
3.     Do nice things like getting their favorite candy at the grocery store, buying them lunch, or getting them a card and gift for their birthday.

4.   Tell your friend how much you appreciate them.

5.    If your friend is involved in an activity that they care about, show your support and interest. Offer to go to their events. For example, if your friend plays a sport or is acting in a play, go to a game or performance to cheer them on.

6.    Be a good listener. When your friend talks to you about something that's going on in his or her life, really listen. Good relationships are built on communication, so don't ignore your friend.

 7.    Don't gossip about your friend. Gossip spreads quickly, and you do not want to hurt your friend's feelings and damage the relationship.

 8.    Keep your promises, even if it's something as small as showing up when you are supposed to meet.

 9.    Keep secrets safe. If your friend tells you something personal, don't share it with other people. They need to know that they can trust you with their secrets.

10.   Throw a party together. Celebrate your friendship, a birthday, or nothing in particular.

11.    Plan a fun evening. Invite your friend over for dinner and spend the night eating, drinking, playing board games, or watching your favorite movies.

12.     Demonstrate your support. Tell your friend, "I'm here for you. Just let me know what you need and I'll help you out." 

13.     Call your friend regularly. If you don't see each other often, it's important to check in so that you know what is going on in your friend's life.

14.    Don't judge yourself too harshly. It's easy to hold ourselves to a really high standard sometimes, a standard that is impossible to uphold. If you're a perfectionist, learn to be a little forgiving toward yourself.

15.    Visit whenever you can. When you are in town, make the time to see your friend. Plan a day of fun sightseeing together, or ask them to show you their favorite things to do.

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