Fashion Life In Winter

Fashion Life In WinterFashion Life In Winter.....!

 1.   Must Have Layering Piece: A Cashmere Sweater  Nothing says off-duty prep like Kristen Stewarts crewneck cashmere sweater and blue oxford combination. Not your cup of tea? The wardrobe mainstay also goes with everything from skirts and printed trousers to leather pants and shorts. 

 2.   Winter is not just for grey and black. so if you want to return to soft pastels, 2013/2014 is your time to shine. Whether you embrace the tones through pieces like the light blue coat in Proenza Schoulers collection, or you gravitate towards a floral top paired with pastel pants. you can still wear light,spring colours even when spring seems like the furthest thing away. 

 3.   For reasons no one will ever understand, tartan tends to be pigeonholed as a holiday  look. Well to that we say no thank you.and featured the traditional print in heavier fabrics and matching suits this season, while Christian Dior went the Brave heart  route and draped a solid over a print with metallic, punk-like makeup. So abolish the naysayers. They may take your movie quotes, but they may never take your tartan.

 4.   At some point we have just got to start calling it  wear  because  menswear  is falling from the trend zone into permanent wardrobe staple.  However, this season, menswear went from  in  Annie Hall  with models in Emporio Armanis show donning 20s inspired hats, trousers, and vests. However, a blazer and pant set work just as well   especially if you feel like channeling. 

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