Do Not Eat During Fever

Do Not Eat During Fever

Don't Eat During Fevers

 1.    Do not consume red meat, as it is difficult to digest.

 2.   Junk foods should be strictly avoided.

 3.   You should also stay away from oily and high cholesterol foods.

 4.    Avoid cold foods like ice-creams.

 5.    Carbonated drinks is harmful.

 6.     Alcohol and smoking should be completely avoided.

 7.     At any point if the fever continues for over a week or the body temperature rises over 100 C you should consult your doctor immediately.

 8.      Avoid eating red beef, fish, shellfish and any sort of meat as they are high in cholesterol and are not easy to digest.

 9.      Beverages like soda, carbonated soft drinks and beverages such as coffee and tea should be avoided.

 10.     Having alcoholic, tobacco and smoking should be avoided when suffering from high temperature.

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