Always Do This..!

Always Do This..!Always Do This..!

 1.    Whether you're trying to hook a new guy or just want to make the dude you're seeing slightly obsessed with you, bust out these tips and he won't stand a chance.
 2.    Recently I have started to talk about style much more. Why? Because style is something that you can control 100%. You really have no excuse to get it wrong. Therefore you need to take the time to find the right clothes that fit well, are the right design, right color, etc for you. Once you have got your style sorted then you know that every time you go out, you know you will be looking your best.

 3.    Get him talking about something he loves. When a guy's talking about something he's really into, he'll get amped and subconsciously associate those feel-good vibes with you.

4.    Spritz perfume into your hair before going out, then lightly flip your locks when your guy is near. Scent is the sense that's most closely tied to memory, so he'll associate that sweetness with you as he thinks about you later.

5.    Now, clue him in to one of your passions. Research shows that when you're talking about something you love, you'll light up and appear even more attractive to everyone around you.

6.     When you're walking by your guy, arch your back, press your arms to your side, and take long strides. This all-eyes-on-me strut elongates your body, and will command his uninterrupted gaze.

7.    Have an opinion. If he asks what you want to do, suggest that restaurant you love or the movie you're dying to see, all while maintaining an air of I'm down for whatever. The fact that you know what you like and aren't making him call all the shots will be a huge turn on.

8.    Strike up a convo with one of his bros. Earning his friends' stamp of approval proves that you're a guy's girl who could weave into his life seamlessly.

9.     peak confidently. When you're nervous, you probably talk faster and in a higher pitch than you normally would. But maintaining a deliberate, rich tone shows him you're cool, calm and collected even if you're flipping on the inside.

10.    Be busy sometimes. Don't always text back right away, and make plans to go out with your girlfriends every few Fridays. Seeing how in-demand you are tells him he's competing with others for a spot in your life a challenge he'll gladly take on.

11.    Work just sliver of skin into your ensemble think, a tight, lacy top or a dress with a peek a boo cutout. It'll get his blood pumping, but leaves enough to his imagination that he'll be dying for a peek at the rest.

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