10 Safe Places for Women to Visit for Holidays

10 Safe Places for Women to Visit for Holidays

10 Safe Places for Women to Visit for Holidays

Holidays are great fun and they need to be spent in a place where you can enjoy them the most without having any fear of danger or threat. The eagerness of exploring new cultures and seeing what seems to be dreamlike takes the people to the different parts of the world. The most vulnerable of these tourists are women! Many of them do not get a chance to take a partner with them and thus, there comes the need of following strict safety measures for the holidays starting from the selection of the place to the last moment spent away from their own homes. Here are some of them. 

Being the capital of Denmark and one of the largest cities in Europe, it has beautiful architecture and is famous for its shopping options. The renowned Gefjun fountain can tell you the mythological tale of how Denmark came into being. Stroll in the streets of the city and enjoy its architecture and beauty. 

Canada's beautiful capital, Ottawa is a multicultural city. Whether you speak French or English, you can communicate well with the people there. Do not forget to shop at the BYWard Market which is one of the oldest in Canada. On weekends the market buzzes with over 50,000 visitors. You can find there finest handmade jewelry, clothing and best local edible products.  

Auckland is not only the biggest city in New Zealand but it is the capital too. It is famous for the sailing yachts that adorn its harbor. The beautiful beaches there are the reason why most tourists choose this city for holidays!

Helsinki portrays the best architecture history of Finland! Its art galleries can give you a complete look in the great history of the country. Enjoy shopping and exploring the city while admiring its buildings.

For a safe vacation no place can beat Hilo in Hawai. It is like a big island and the natural scenery of the city along with its 400-foot high water fall will amaze you greatly.

Who would refuse the warm sunny holidays in Perth, Australia? Surfing and water sports are best there. Visit King Park and enjoy spending time in that huge place.  

Norway is a beautiful country in Europe. Oslo deserves that you visit it for real safe and memorable holidays. 

Setubal is a perfect holiday destination in winter as Portugal's weather is warm. It is a small city and easy to be explored fully in a short time. The still water at the beach Portinho da Arrabida is worth visiting. 

Sweden is famous for its beautiful people and culture. Malmo is the third largest city there. You can enjoy golf and sailing boat there. The best thing to do there is to shop the echo-friendly objects.  

 Marseille in France is an amazing place to spend holidays. It is the sea food meals and the cultural heritage that attracts thousands tourists there. 

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