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Is Window Shopping a Good Option before Buying Anything?Is Window Shopping a Good Option before Buying Anything?
Is Window Shopping a Good Option before Buying Anything?You may have often seen people leisurely walking in the market without looking to be interesting in buying but taking deep interest in the displayed items. "What a waste of time"! You may have mumbled without trying to know the re...
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Perfect Shopping PlanPerfect Shopping Plan
Perfect Shopping Plan 1.    Budget your expenditure ,bring money not too much nor to less  2.    Shopping can be a fatiguing and stressful activity if you do not shop at a time that works well for you. Shopping when the malls and s...
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Holiday Shopping PlanHoliday Shopping Plan
Holiday Shopping Plan 1.     Use debit instead of credit cards. A debit card automatically forces you to spend only what you have, and allows you to avoid paying interest. Leave the credit cards at home. 2.      Know your budget, and make it non-negot...
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Secure Online ShoppingSecure Online Shopping
Secure Online Shopping  1.   Make sure your computer has a firewall installed and keep your browser software and anti-virus program updated. 2.    When you are done using a public computer, log off and shut down the browser program completely. ...
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Awareness About Online ShoppingAwareness About Online Shopping
Awareness About Online  Shopping 1.    Before you go for online shopping make sure your PC is secured with all core protections like an antivirus, anti spyware, firewall, system updated with all patches and web browse...
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